One Direction Members Join Kabbalah?

June 22, 2014 • By Home

Harry Styles Kabbalah

It looks like One Direction members Harry Styles and Liam Payne have joined Kabbalah. The pair were both spotted at the Modest Management Summer Party held at The Vineyard in London, England this month, and they were both wearing Kabbalah bracelets.

It’s unclear if the other 1D members have joined the religion. Let us know if you spot them sporting Kabbalah bracelets.

Liam Payne Kabbalah

Another popular star who goes to Kabbalah meetings is Ariana Grande! Ariana told her fans a while back:

“I don’t like to usually be very public about things like religion or whatnot because I feel like as an entertainer some things in life should be kept a little more personal but since I have this intimate relationship with you guys I’m always willing to answer any questions for you. I’ve always been a little bit of everything when it comes to religion. I was born Roman Catholic and I still go to church sometimes and of course celebrate Christmas and Easter and go get my ashes on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday.

I grew up in Boca so I celebrated Jewish holidays with all of my closest friends and know a bit of Hebrew. I even sang a portion of the Torah at Aaron’s bar mitzvah with Sam. Nobody knows this but I also meditate every day and do spiritual energy work. So I’m kind of all over the place as far as religion / spirituality, but I like it all. But when I was 12 years old I used to practice Kabbalah at the Kabbalah center in Boca and of course I wore ‘The Red String’.

I decided to pick it back up a couple of months ago because I really loved doing it but I never really said anything publicly about it because I didn’t really feel the need to. As an entertainer I’m always kinda scared when it comes to talking about religion or politics because I just feel like it’s not my place. Lemme sing for ya and go home, you know? Keep the peace. Not everything needs to be shared. As much as I love you guys and you are dear friends to me and do know me very well… I still do have a personal life you know?

So The Red String I wear is alignment and a form of protection from negativity. It’s also a bit of a reminder to keep your actions and thoughts and words kind and positive and helpful to stay in contact with the light which brings me to the sun tattoo. I was going to get a little sun on my finger to remind me to keep in contact with ‘the light’.”

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