Taylor Swift Shows Her Love For Ed Sheeran By Singing And Dancing!

June 22, 2014 • By Home

Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran Concert

Taylor Swift was at Ed Sheeran’s recent concert in New York City. She stood way up high in the balcony section, and she was sure to do tons of dancing!

One fan caught Taylor on camera, and it’s perfect!

In the video below you will get to watch as Taylor dances along to Ed’s music, PLUS you will see her singing along to the track. Taylor tries to sing along with those around her, but it looks like she is the ony one that knows the lyrics!

Plus, nobody else seems super interested in dancing along with her!

We’re sure that Ed totally appreciated his BFFs support at his concert. hopefully the pair work together on a new song soon so we can see them sing and dance on stage together!

Are you ready for Ed’s “X” album to arrive in stores and online tomorrow? We can’t wait to hear all of his new tracks when they arrive! Here is the “X” track list:

The Man
Thinking Out Loud
Afire Love

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