Vanessa Hudgens Planning A Drastic Haircut After Summer

June 22, 2014 • By Home

Vanessa Hudens Cutting Her Hair Short

Vanessa Hudgens has decided to keep her super long, blonde mermaid hair for the rest of the summer, but then it’s going away! Vanessa revealed that while she loves her hair long she is most likely going to shock the world with a drastic cut in a few months.

The actress told People Magazine:

I’m just keeping it long and fun for the summer, and then I’m probably going to join the party and chop it all off like everyone else.

Here’s what Vanessa had to say back when she chopped her hair super short for her movie “Gimme Shelter,”

It was shocking, but at the same time so exciting. Now it gives me the opportunity to be able to step out of what people see me as and allows to them to get out of their heads and be able to just experience the film.

She didn’t love the cut back then and worked to grow it out for years.

So we have to ask – do YOU like Vanessa with long hair or short hair?

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