Bella Thorne Filming “CoExistence” After “The Duff”?

June 24, 2014 • By Home

Bella Thorne CoExistence Movie

Bella Thorne has alerted her fans that she is almost done shooting her movie “The Duff.” She Tweeted the following update this afternoon:

Can’t believe I’m almost done in Atlanta!!

No upcoming movies are listed on Bella’s IMDb page, however we wonder if she will be working on a film called “CoExistence” next. Bella signed on for the “Romeo & Juliet” movie adaptation this time last year, but production has yet to start on the film.

Bella Thorne CoExistence

Bella is set to play the character Juliet while actor Nick Krause will be playing Romeo. According to reports the Juliet character in the movie practices martial arts and she can fly!

Fingers crossed production on the film starts soon!

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