Justin Bieber’s Fans Start The “Ignore Justin Bieber Project” After Selena Gomez Reunion

June 24, 2014 • By Home

Ignore Justin Bieber Project

Justin Bieber’s fans have started the “Ignore Justin Bieber Project.” Not all of Justin’s fans are on board with the project, but those that aren’t happy with Justin’s reunion with Selena Gomez certainly are.

Justin’s fans are teaming together to try to prove how upset they are with Justin that he is back with his on and off girlfriend.

The Ignore Justin Bieber Project calls for fans to boycott Justin – by not chatting with him on Twitter anymore, and by not listening to his music.

Fans who don’t agree with the Ignore Justin Bieber Project have started their own Twitter trends, including:


Are YOU upset Justin is back with Selena?

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