What Happened To Brenda Song’s Perfume Line?

June 24, 2014 • By Home

Brenda Song Perfume

Four years ago Brenda Song got her fans super excited by announcing that she was hard at work on a line of perfume! She spilled about her signature fragrance line:

I love perfumes since I was little, and when I’m in a store it’s the first thing I gravitate to. The process of creating the perfect alluring scent is so much fun. Mixing lots of beautiful scents together is great, I’m planning on launching a perfume line! I love mixing different substances and creating new substances.

So either two things happened here. Brenda’s line fell through and never hit stores, or her line did arrive under a different name and she never told fans!

There’s a chance that Brenda didn’t want her name to hurt or boost sales. She has tons of fans, but many people still think of her as a Disney Channel star. We wonder if she launched the line without her name on it so that people wouldn’t have preconceived notions about the perfume before giving it a try…

What do YOU think?

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