Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Starting A Band

June 25, 2014 • By Home

Demi Lovato Nick Jonas Band

Demi Lovato has teased that she and Nick Jonas might start a band – what now? Demi told MTV:

I did write an amazing song with Nick Jonas and we want to do something with that, but we are not quite sure, so maybe we can do a side project together. We may or may not have picked out the band name already.

We really hope Demi is being serious, because that would rock!

Demi also added that she hopes to work with Nick on her next tour:

I actually haven’t started the process [of planning her new tour], so possibly [he could come back as creative director]. I know he’s busy doing a TV show now, but he’s gonna be involved somehow whether that’s performances or not. Inevitably we end up on the same team, musically. It just always happens.”

Fingers crossed Nick gets a break from his “Kingdom” TV show to work with Demi soon!

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