Yovanna Ventura Lashes Out At Justin Bieber After He Gets Back Together With Selena Gomez

June 25, 2014 • By Home

Justin Bieber Yovanna Ventura

Uh oh. Justin Bieber was in the beginning stages of a relationship with Florida model Yovanna Ventura. She had been spending lots of time with the pop star, and even got her school to sign off on him attending her prom.

Justin flew to Cannes, France at the last minute to attend the Cannes Film Festival rather than attending Yovanna’s Miami prom. She was NOT happy until he sent her a Dolce & Gabbana dress and told her she looked beautiful.

The pair then chatted for a bit, until Yovanna realized Justin wouldn’t be coming to visit her again, and he had gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Yovanna Ventura Mad At Justin Bieber

Let’s just say this – Yovanna is NOT happy. She shared the message below on her Instagram account:

Sometimes a girl’s gotta go through a few a******s to find the right guy.

Yikes! Justin and Selena have yet to comment on what Yovanna had to say.

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