Jennette McCurdy’s Sarcastic 22nd Birthday Wishes

June 26, 2014 • By Home

Jennette McCurdy 22nd Birthday

Jennette McCurdy has shared 22 things she wants for her 22nd birthday. The wishes she makes are pretty sarcastic, and of course hilarious! Check out Jennette’s birthday wishes below, and let us know which ones YOU want as well!

1) the word “yolo” to have never existed
2) no more buns on the top of girls’ heads unless you’re kate moss
3) grumpy cat to be followed up by another grumpy animal. we need more furry fury.
4) less kardashian
5) more Christmases (preferably one a month)
6) a law that no dogs can be carried in purses…
7) … or wear clothing.
8) Andrew Garfield to be single
9) French fries to have zero calories
10) posts about Coachella to be banned
11) people to stop trying to make me watch Orange is the New Black
12) be twelve years old again
13) juicing to not be difficult
14) find a new show I like as much as Lost
15) own a dog but not have to clean up its poop
16) transform into Walt Disney except not be dead and frozen
17) promotional emails to be banned. ain’t no one ever goin back to ann taylor loft.
18) time travel
19) Kim Jon Un to change his attitude or his haircut (preferably his haircut)
20) another Harry Potter book
21) this US soccer sh** to make sense
22) people to stop singing 22 to me like I’ve never heard it. it’s taylor swift. we’ve all heard it.

Jennette shares her birthday with Ariana Grande! Happy birthday to the former “Sam & Cat” co-stars!

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