Disney XD Orders “The Savages” Comedy Pilot Show

June 27, 2014 • By Home

Disney XD The Savages

Disney XD has ordered a new live-action series called “The Savages.” The show comes from Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It” creator Jim O’Doherty and director Sean Lambert.

The comedy show will star “Lab Rats” actor Brandon Salgado alongside Will Babbitt and Rachel Cannon.

In the show two brothers – Lazlo (Brandon Salgado) and Russell Banks (Will Babbitt) – have to change their lifestyle when their mom Rita (Rachel Cannon) remarries. They move onto a boat house with their new family, and they have to battle a treasure hunter along their journey!

The boys’ step-dad will be played by Joe Hursley and their new twin step-brothers will be played by Dallas Liu and Kaylee Bryant. The twins were found in the jungle by their dad during a treasure hunting adventure!

Production is currently underway!

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