Why Did Liz Gillies Refuse To Go To Ariana Grande’s Birthday Party

June 29, 2014 • By Home

Liz Gillies Ariana Grande Birthday

Liz Gillies chatted with radio host Zach Sang earlier this month, and the pair hinted about Ariana Grande’s birthday celebration on air. Zach asked Liz why she couldn’t go on the big trip that was planned to somewhere warm, and she never gave a really good explanation!

It’s clear that Liz and Zach were talking about Ariana Grande’s 21st birthday, which was celebrated this month in Florida. Ariana and her party guests celebrated at the Disney Parks and by renting a party bus. They also celebrated at her home in Florida.

So, why do YOU think Liz refused to go to Ariana’s birthday? She hasn’t mentioned having any big plans this month…Hopefully Liz and Ariana are still super close BFFs!

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