Beyonce And Jay Z Show Off Justin Bieber’s Mug Shot During Their Concert Tour

June 30, 2014 • By Home

Beyonce Jay Z On The Run Tour Justin Bieber Mugshot

Beyonce and Jay Z held one of their On The Run tour concerts over the weekend and caused some serious controversy on stage! The power couple decided to remind the audience that “even the greatest can fall” by showing off a bunch of celebrity mugshots.

One of the stars who had their picture flashed on the giant concert venue screens was Justin Bieber – you remember the infamous mug shot from when Justin was arrested for drag racing and DUI in Florida earlier this year:

Justin Bieber Mug Shot Florida

Other stars who had their mugshots displayed included:

Russell Brand
Bill Gates
50 Cent
And More

When Justin heard what had happened he was quick to take to Twitter to assure his fans that he wasn’t upset. He Tweeted:

It’s all love.

Perhaps rather than get upset Justin has decided to take the concert stunt the way it may have been intended – to keep him and other stars grounded rather than getting a head on their shoulders about their success. Justin has always said in interviews that he hopes to remain grounded as he thinks it will help him stay successful for a longer period of time – hopefully forever!

The other celebrities in the video have yet to respond.

It seems that Justin is currently doing his best to clean up his image. He had a bad year of press and getting in trouble, but it seems that whenever he is back with Selena Gomez he stays out of the press a bit more. Selena and Justin are currently back on, but fans are never sure how long that will last.

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