Joe Jonas And Blanda Eggenschwiler Have Art Projects On The Way

June 30, 2014 • By Home

Joe Jonas Blanda Eggenschwiler At Home

Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler both just returned to their new home in Los Angeles, California! Joe was overseas in Milan and Paris for fashion shows, while Blanda was on a trip busy working on her artwork.

The pair were seen going into their home yesterday carrying a ton of art supplies. It looks like Blanda is working on something new!

There’s also a chance that Blanda and Joe are busy painting their home – they unloaded some painting supplies from their car and brought them into their house. We wonder what color the pair decided to paint their pad? Any guesses?

Joe is currently working on getting everything in line for his solo album. It seems like he is waiting for his brother Nick Jonas to release his solo CD first, and then he plans to follow suit.

Joe’s girlfriend Blanda is so good with artwork we really hope that she tries her hand out at creating Joe’s solo album cover. We think it would be a really cute gesture to show the world how in love they are as Joe shares his brand new solo tunes!

Do YOU want Blanda to create Joe’s solo CD cover artwork? Or do you hope he has another artist work on the cover when the time comes? Take our poll!

See all of the photos of Joe and Blanda returning home below!

Joe Jonas Blanda Eggenschwiler Art Projects

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