“Lab Rats” Star Billy Unger Asks Young Fans For “Continued Support” After DUI Arrest

June 30, 2014 • By Home

Billy Unger DUI Arrest Statement

“Lab Rats” star Billy Unger was arrested over the weekend after he was pulled over for speeding and found to have a .08 blood alcohol level. Billy was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol, and at 18 he is still a minor.

Billy has asked his Disney XD show fans for “continued support” at this time, posting the following note:

“In light of last Saturday’s occurrence, I wish to let all of my fans know how much I value and appreciate their continued support of me at this time.

As I move forward responsibly in this matter, I simply ask the public, and more important my fans, to reserve judgement and allow the opportunity for me to address this issue properly through the legal system.

Thank you,
Billy Unger”

Why is it that every time a celebrity is found to be driving under the influence they ask for support like they didn’t know what they were doing. Billy, a Disney star, is asking his super young fans to support him after driving under the influence. A conscious decision he made when he knew he had driven to a location and had a drink.

In addition, he is asking fans to “reserve judgement” and allow him to address the “occurrence” when he sees fit. Listen, we get it – celebrities want privacy. However, it’s much easier to get privacy in your life when you’re not drinking and driving and getting arrested at the age of 18.

We feel like Billy needs an Uber flyer and stat because there is just no reason to get behind the wheel after drinking.

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