Lucy Hale And Kendall Schmidt Plan To Record Songs Together

June 30, 2014 • By Home

Lucy Hale Kendall Schmidt

Lucy Hale just released her debut country album “Road Between” while former Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt is releasing a solo album soon under his group name Heffron Drive. It sounds like Lucy might make an appearance on Kendall’s upcoming debut CD.

Lucy, who is from Tennessee, recently posted a note to Kendall:

@HeffronDrive aww you’re in my hometown! Enjoy that humidity.

Kendall responded:

Could use a tour guide!!

And Lucy wrote back:

@HeffronDrive done. And let’s do some sangin.

To which Kendall replied:

I have a couple songs ready for your voice.

Yes, we want to hear a song from this pair big time! What about YOU?

Lucy Hale just split from her fellow country singing boyfriend Joel Crouse. According to sources Lucy and Joel couldn’t make their relationship work through their super busy schedules.

The pair had been dating for just a few months. Do you think there is a chance that Lucy and Kendall could date in the future?

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