Noah Cyrus Not Super Serious About Going Vegetarian Or Vegan

June 30, 2014 • By Home

Noah Cyrus Peta

Noah Cyrus told her fans that she wanted to go vegetarian or vegan, and she even asked for Peta’s help in doing so. However, it doesn’t seem like Noah is very serious!

Noah had Tweeted just yesterday:

How do I become a vegetarian or vegan or something. Maybe @peta can help me? I love helping animals, but I need to go all the way!!!! ideas? Chicken nuggets are sooooo good though. But I MUST try.

But today she Tweeted:

Just spent $30 at Starbucks #whitegirlprobs

2 venti Mocha Cookie Crumbles, 6 cake pops, tomato savory square, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate marble loaf cake, bacon artisan sandwich.

Noah literally just posted a Peta campaign about the condition pigs are kept in on June 26, 2014. Looks like she changed her mind about going vegetarian or vegan!

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