Are Tiffany Thornton And Chris Carney Over For Good?

July 1, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney Breakup

It sounds like Tiffany Thornton and Chris Carney could be over for good. Tiffany has been away from home for two months, she is spending time with her family in Texas.

Tiffany took her two children, KJ and Bentley, out of California after Tiffany’s mother-in-law witnessed Chris drinking alcohol. Chris’ mother believes he has relapsed after his time in rehab, and she urged Tiffany to leave the state with her children.

Chris filed abduction claims with the police, and told his fans he would never forgive Tiffany for taking his kids away. The pair have been talking on the phone and Chris video chats with his children, but he has yet to visit them.

Tiffany posted a very telling note on Twitter last night, Tweeting:

That moment when your toddler finds an old breakup playlist on your iPad and you end up listening to the whole thing after he’s asleep.

Do you think Tiffany and Chris are over for good? Or are they just taking a break for a while?

Tiffany and Chris’ son Bentley turns 4-months-old tomorrow, while their son KJ turns 2-years-old next month!

Tiffany has also revealed that she is about to get back to work on her debut country album. Tiffany has been working on the CD off and on since 2010. Our fingers are crossed that she finishes the CD this year and fans get to buy the album in 2015!

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