Keke Palmer Flips Out On “Just Keke” Over Celebrity Crush Michael Ealy

July 1, 2014 • By Home

Keke Palmer Crush Michael Ealy

Keke Palmer just premiered her new talk show “Just Keke” on BET yesterday! She was chatting on the show about her celebrity crush Michael Ealy, and she got a super surprise from the crew of the show!

Turns out the crew knew that Keke would be opening up about her crush, and they asked Michael to appear on the show! Below you can watch Keke’s intense reaction to Michael walking out on the set!

Keke had JUST been telling the crowd how fine she thinks Michael is, and he heard it all! Would YOU be super embarrassed? You HAVE to watch how Keke reacted!

Keke’s fans LOVED the first episode of her talk show, and they plan on tuning in for the next four weeks. If Keke gets enough viewers over the next four weeks her show will be picked up for a full season. Do YOU plan on tuning in for the rest of the “Just Keke” episodes?

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