Selena Gomez Can’t Stand Living Alone, Calls The Cops Again!

July 1, 2014 • By Home

Selena Gomez Calls The Cops

Selena Gomez might be begging boyfriend Justin Bieber to move in with her pretty soon! It was assumed that when the pair got back together Justin would move into Selena’s Calabasas mansion with her, but instead he rented two condos in Beverly Hills for himself and his entourage.

While Justin had the cops show up at his home last night after throwing a loud party, Selena just hat the cops at her home over the weekend.

Selena called the police when she thought that someone broke into her home. She returned to her mansion to find the back door wide open. Selena was understandably freaked out!

Selena Gomez Police

The police didn’t find any sign of forced entry into the home, and they also didn’t find anyone inside.

Selena had someone break into her guest house before. He was arrested and then tried to break in again! He was then admitted to a mental health facility where he is required to stay until the middle of this month.

Do you think Selena should sell her home?

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