Austin Mahone Weirded Out By Marriage Proposal

July 4, 2014 • By Home

Austin Mahone Marriage Proposal

Austin Mahone was quite weirded out recently when he received a marriage proposal from his fan! Austin revealed:

I recall a girl sending me her dad’s wedding ring, she said she took it and said, ‘Please will you marry me?’ and sent it to me, it was quite weird.

Aww, hopefully Austin was able to send the ring back to the fans’ father!

Austin also recently revealed that while fans thought he was dating Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello the pair are just friends. The two decided it would be funny to see how fans reacted if they pretended to be dating! Austin revealed:

We’re just friends. Yeah, it’s pretty funny though. I remember we were hanging out and we took a picture. We were like, ‘Let’s just post this and watch everyone freak out.’ It was pretty funny watching as all the comments rolled in.

Well that’s just mean! We can’t wait to see who Austin winds up dating in the future!

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