Ariana Grande Hopes Her Grandfather Pulls Through

July 5, 2014 • By Home

Ariana Grande Grandfather Sick

Uh oh. Ariana Grande is in Florida right now spending time with her grandfather. He isn’t feeling well again, and Ariana is hoping he pulls through.

Ariana shared the following messages about her grandfather:

Love you grandps I need you please pull thru.

Thank you for the prayers. My loves you are so powerful… you are in my heart. I wish Frankie were here. Grandpa said ‘no he gotta win the game!’

Gonna try my best to put my selfishness aside thru this… as much as I want grandps here with me.. I should just want him to be comfortable.

Wish you knew how incredible he is…. humble, respectful, hardworking, polite, thoughtful, humorous, generous. An example for all gentlemen.

He is all things wonderful.

We hope Ariana’s grandfather feels better soon!

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