Ariana Grande Talks About Beauty Standards, And The Pressure She Feels

July 9, 2014 • By Home

Ariana Grande Beauty Standards

Ariana Grande feels a lot of pressure to look good. She explained to Top Of The Pops:

The pressure for girls to always look good is a massive problem. I think there’s some stupid high expectation of what we should look like. Girls in school growing up compare themselves to women they see on the red carpet and in music videos, who have spent hours in hair and make up, and have been photoshopped and perfected into superstars.

Ariana also added:

There’s such a superficial standard for women these days it’s a stupid thing to focus on.

Ariana also revealed that she thinks it’s very important to be okay with yourself!

I think that’s the hardest thing to achieve as a person. Taking the things you hate about yourself and seeing the positives, and realizing those are the things that make you, you.

This also goes along with what Bella Thorne had to say about beauty!

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