Mitchel Musso And Marc Musso Play A Mean Game With Each Other

July 9, 2014 • By Home

Mitchel Musso Marc Musso Game

Ew! Mitchel Musso and his brother Marc Musso decided to play a super mean game with each other. The guys decided to play a video game and the loser would have to drink a seriously gross drink they made!

Here’s what was shared along with the video:

WARNING: May trigger gag reflex! In this episode, Mitchel and Marc play a friendly game of Fifa (in the spirit of the World Cup) and what follows after that is a bit… Uh…Disturbing. Thanks For Watching!

Poor Mitchel! Watch what happened in the video below, but beware he does get sick at the end!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mitchel!

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