Kendall Schmidt Updates Fans About His Heffron Drive Music!

July 11, 2014 • By Home

Kendall Schmidt Heffron Drive

Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt has a new band called Heffron Drive. The group is about to release a debut album, and it sounds like the songs are just about completed!

Kendall updated fans, posting the following note about his new music:

Songs are being mixed! You will be hearing bits and pieces of the #heffrondrivealbum soon! And I know your gonna love it :)

Here’s what else Kendall revealed about his album, which is arriving in September:

I have probably three albums worth of songs done right now, but it is really just making sure that the ones [we choose for the album] are really cohesive. The reason I say [its] pop is because the writing is in the pop vein, because that is what I grew up listening to, but the music is really kind of indie and different… I wouldn’t play synth live or try to sing while doing it, but I do record my own synth and I’ve really become addicted to it.

He also revealed that his fellow Big Time Rush members might be a part of the album or his upcoming tour! Read more here!

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