Tiffany Thornton And Demi Lovato Want A “Sonny With A Chance” Movie

July 12, 2014 • By Home

Sonny With A Chance Movie

Former co-stars Tiffany Thornton and Demi Lovato would love to reunite for a Disney Channel Original Movie based on their series “Sonny With A Chance.” The show ended when Demi entered treatment years ago, and moved on as “So Random” for one more season.

Demi just posted the following note this week:

I miss my SWAC cast & crew a lot… I love you guys.

And Tiffany replied:

@ddlovato @BrandonSmithCEO @SterlingKnight @allisyn_a_arm @DugyFresh reunion movie! #SWAC # wishful thinking # family for life

Would YOU like to see a “Sonny With A Chance” Disney Channel Original Movie? We would! Take our poll below!

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