Austin Mahone Credits Justin Bieber For Launching His Career

July 15, 2014 • By Home

Austin Mahone Justin Bieber

Austin Mahone believes that without Justin Bieber he wouldn’t have a career! Austin told J-14 magazine:

Since we both started on YouTube, our career paths are pretty similar. I think he’s helped me because he showed the music industry that kids can really be imporant in the industry. He showed everyone that.

Austin also added about Justin’s own career:

Despite whatever people say or hat the tabloids have to say about him, Justin is always working hard in the studio. He knows what he’s doing and he’s a really cool guy.

Austin also revealed about what Justin has done for his career:

He’s definitely paved a path for me to come through. He’s made it a lot easier – definitely not completely easy, it’s a lot of hard work! But he’s awesome and extremely talented.

Austin spilled that if he had the chance he would totally go on the road with Justin! We think that would be the perfect place to reveal the track they recorded together!

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