Are Lucy Hale And Kendall Schmidt The New Power Couple?

July 20, 2014 • By Home

Lucy Hale Kendall Schmidt Date

Lucy Hale and Kendall Schmidt are both popular actors and singers, and it looks like they could be coming together as a couple! The pair recently spoke on Twitter about how they wanted to record music together!

Kendall told Lucy that he had some of his group’s, Heffron Drive, songs ready for Lucy’s voice to be added to them! Looks like Lucy might take Kendall up on that offer AND she spent time with him last night along with the other members of Big Time Rush – including Carlos Pena!

Lucy posted along with the pretty picture below:

Am I a part of big time rush now?

Kendall Schmidt Lucy Hale

Love it! We know Kendall has crushed on his friend Selena Gomez in the past and Lucy and Selena look alike – do you think Kendall is crushing on Lucy? And should they date?

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