David Archuleta Shares Another Blog After His Military Tribute Tour

July 27, 2014 • By Home

David Archuleta Military Tribute Tour Blog

David Archulta has wrapped his military tribute tour, and he updated his fans in a giant blog! David started off by telling his fans:

This week we finished the Military Tribute Tour. We went back to Kuwait for 3 shows, and then did our last show on the tour in Djibouti. It was a bittersweet experience having it come to an end, but it made such an impact on me.

David also revealed in his blog:

It was interesting to me as this was my first time coming back performing with the title “David Archuleta” and having to embrace that since my mission. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but there was a different motivating factor this time, which was that this tour was all about giving tribute to the troops. We flew out to these countries; to these military bases on our own time and without getting paid anything. We came out to get to know them, and express our gratitude for them with what God gave us in our abilities and talents.

You can read the rest of David’s heartfelt blog post here.

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