Ashley Tisdale Compares Her Brunette Hair To Her Blonde Hair

July 30, 2014 • By Home

Ashley Tisdale Blonde Vs Brunette

Ashley Tisdale constantly changes up her hair color between brunette and blonde! She opened up to Bello Magazine about why!

I feel great in any color that I am. But there is something about brunette hair that does make my personality feel a little bit darker? [Laughs]. I’ll be brunette for a while, and I’ll be in this kind of dark period and I’ll be like, what is going on! I’m so serious! Naturally I have so much energy and I’m really bubbly as a person, that when I’m brunette, I’m like, what’s wrong with me! And then when I’m blonde, I’m like ugh, I feel myself again [Laughs]. I feel like the blonde is definitely more fun. When you’re a brunette people look at you a little bit differently. I feel like as a brunette they kind of take me more seriously, and so you put on this vibe that’s much more serious than before.

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