Disney’s “Tarzan” Arrives On Blu-ray For The First Time

August 12, 2014 • By Home

Tarzan Blu ray

Disney’s animated movie “Tarzan” has just arrived on Blu-ray for the first time! Here’s a description of the new release:

Disney’s legendary adventure is better than ever as ‘Tarzan’ bursts onto Blu-ray for the first time ever with spectacular picture and amazing sound. Filled with thrills, laughs and Academy Award-winning music (Best Music, Original Song, ‘You’ll Be In My Heart,’ 1999), this family favorite will make you go wild.

The movie starts off super sad, with Tarzan losing his family in the jungle after an animal attack, and a mother gorilla losing her baby. However, the story gets sweet when the mother gorilla finds Tarzan and adopts him as her own.

Things get dramatic again when humans arrive in the jungle, and Tarzan has to make a difficult choice between gorillas and humans.

Actors who lend their voices to the movie include:

Tony Goldwyn
Minnie Driver
Brian Blessed
Rosie O’Donnell
Glenn Close

Bonus features on the release include:

Deleted Scenes
“You’ll Be In My Heart” Music Video Performed By Phil Collins
“Strangers Like Me” Music Video Performed By Phil Collins
“Trashin’ The Camp” Studio Session With Phil Collins & ‘N Sync
The Making of the Music
Tarzan Goes International
Original Phil Collins Song Demo
Audio Commentary
DisneyPedia: Living In The Jungle
From Burroughs To Disney
Early Presentation Reel

This is a classic family-friendly movie that we think everyone should see! Let us know if YOU pick up Disney’s “Tarzan” on Blu-ray, and let us know what you think of the movie and the characters!

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