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Disney Magic Of Healthy Living TRYit Campaign Arrives At Our Doorstep

October 31, 2014 • By

Disney TRYit

We just got the sweetest package from Disney Consumer Products! Disney has a fun TRYit campaign that they are working on in collaboration with their Disney Magic Of Healthy Living initiative. The TRYit campaign inspires kids to try new foods and be their best all day long – which is awesome!

Disney is promoting a bunch of super healthy foods for kids by branding the products. So, we just received an adorable “Planes” lunchbox full of goodies, including:

Mickey Mouse branded Apple Juice
Marvel themed Pirates Booty
Halloween Fruit Crisps with Mickey Mouse on the packaging

Our 3 year old couldn’t contain his excitement over his new present, and as parents we can’t contain our excitement over the fact that he’s begging to eat healthy snacks!

Disney Magic Of Healthy Living “helps parents by making nutritious eating and physical activity simple and fun.” What a fabulous way to make sure young generations are happy and healthy!

Thanks Disney!

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Taylor Swift Unveils Hectic TV Schedule

October 27, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift has a super busy week ahead of her promoting her brand new album “1989.” You’ll be able to see the country star gone pop on a bunch of different shows, and hear her on tons of radio stations around the world!

Taylor told fans about her busy promo week:

Here’s the tv schedule for this week! Not on here, but also important: gonna be on MTV all day in between shows talking about 1989 with Jack Antonoff, and later this evening, there’s a huge radio takeover called The I Heart Radio Ultimate Secret Session that you can watch online and listen to on the radio.

Let us know where YOU hear Taylor promoting her new “1989” album!

Taylor Swift 1989 TV Schedule