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Ginnifer Goodwin’s Adorable Message About Her Baby And “Once Upon A Time”

July 27, 2014 • By

Ginnifer Goodwin Comic Con

ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” actress Ginnifer Goodwin filmed an adorable message about the show and about having her baby Oliver. The video was shown at San Diego Comic Con, and you can also check it out below!

In the video Ginnifer talks about how her attitude on the set is great, despite the hard work she has to do right after giving birth. That is, until her favorite snack is gone – and then she gets super cranky!

Do YOU plan on watching “Once Upon A Time” this season? We can’t wait to see the “Frozen” characters on the show!

How The “Once Upon A Time Writers” Decided To Add “Frozen” To The Show

July 27, 2014 • By

Frozen Once Upon A Time

The “Once Upon A Time” team put together a fun video for San Diego’s Comic Con about how they came up with the idea to use “Frozen” characters on the show next season! Turns out the decision was pretty difficult!

Watch below to find out exactly who came up with the idea AND to see a hilarious reference to our favorite ABC show “LOST.”

Plus, tell us if you are super excited to tune into “Once Upon A Time” next season to see Anna, Elsa and Kristoff!