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Where Is Allstar Weekend Now? The Guys Became The Tragic Thrills And IWXO

June 21, 2014 • By Home

Allstar Weekend

Allstar Weekend split up back in August 2013. The guys had lost member Nathan Darmody who decided to try out a solo career, and the group was dropped from Hollywood Records in 2012 then stayed with Universal Music until 2013.

Nathan is a solo artist who releases tracks under the name IWXO. His latest song is called “Delphine,” and it released this month. Watch the “Delphine” music video below!

Allstar Weekend members Zach Porter, Michael Martinez and Cameron Quiseng have teamed with Brent Schneiders to start the group The Tragic Thrills.

The Tragic Thrills Tears

Watch the guys’ “Tears” music video below!

Allstar Weekend Is Gone Forever, And Their Fans Aren’t Happy With Their Note

August 5, 2013 • By Home

Allstar Weekend Note

The group Allstar Weekend is leaving their name behind, and they wrote a super long letter to their fans all about starting fresh. In the note the guys mention that they never want their Allstar Weekend fans to come to any of their new shows unless they like their new music. Plus, they never want to be asked to play any of their old music.

A lot of Allstar Weekend fans feel a bit hurt by the letter. Read it below, and let us know if you are upset with the note, or if you are fine with it!

“Today is Allstar Weekend’s last show. To all fans of the band, thank you for your support over the years. If you had a very personal connection to Allstar Weekend’s music, our personalities, or anything else, we’re happy that we were whatever it was to you. We hope as the years go on, your connection to music will continue to grow and evolve. The older I get the more I realize, it wasn’t us, it was how you saw us, and that’s the most important thing. Though we always try to be sincere, and we pride ourselves in what I hope is real honesty, we’d be lying if we told you we were the same people that we set out as 4 years ago. So many things have happened to us as performers and as people and at the end of it all, right here, right now, we’re not the people you’ve seen on stage and in videos anymore. I only say that because I know there is an expectation for the future, and the honest truth is we just don’t want to be that anymore. All that being said, and for lack of the right words, thank you for seeing something in us over these four years, because the things we got to do because of being in this band are not regrets and we are irreversibly defined by these experiences. The fact that we did anything for anybody is remarkable, whether it was simply making you laugh, helping you through a stage in your life, whatever it was, we are humbled by how the little things we did meant something more. Thank you for that.

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