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China Anne McClain Is Ready For Disney Channel’s “ANT Farm” Season 3

December 31, 2012 • By

China Anne McClain ANT Farm Season 3

It looks like Disney star China Anne McClain is ready for Disney Channel’s “ANT Farm” season 3! She shared the photo above along with posting:

Such an awesome gift! Thanks ANT Farm.

The cast of “ANT Farm” just had a wardrobe fitting for the third season this month, which means filming should begin super soon in 2013. What do you hope happens in the next season of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Plus, let us know which “ANT Farm” character is your favorite!

Stefanie Scott Has A Wardrobe Fitting For Disney Channel’s “ANT Farm” Season 3

November 29, 2012 • By

Disney star Stefanie Scott has a wardrobe fitting today for her Disney Channel Original Series “ANT Farm”! Stefanie shared with her fans:

Fitting for #ANTFarmSeason3 let’s see what Lexi is wearing this year.. :)

We can’t wait to see the new “ANT Farm” Season 3 episodes! The third season of the show will begin production next month, and the episodes will air in June 2013!

The McClain Sisters Guest Star In Disney Channel’s “ANT Farm” Episode “ChANTs Of A Lifetime”

November 21, 2012 • By

The McClain Sisters will guest star in the upcoming “ANT Farm” episode “ChANTs Of A Lifetime.” The episode will air on November 23, 2012 at 8pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel.

In the episode, China Anne McClain is asked to join her favorite group, Trifecta, on tour for a year. Trifecta includes Sierra McClain and Lauryn McClain – and now China’s “ANT Farm” character! China’s friends spend the episode trying to figure out how to deal with her being away on tour…how will everyone manage? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

Watch a promo for the episode below, and let us know if you’ll be watching!

P.S. Have you heard the McClain Sisters new song “Go“?

Disney Channel Orders “ANT Farm” Season 3

October 4, 2012 • By

The Disney Channel has ordered a third season of the hit series “ANT Farm” starring China Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick, Stefanie scott and Jake Short. Here’s a description of the show from IMDb:

Chyna Parks, a musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school. Along with her fellow ‘ANTs’ she must navigate the halls of a new school of older kids who’re not particularly fond of grade-skipping newbies.

Production of the third season will begin this December, and season 3 episodes will air in June 2013. Do you plan on watching “ANT Farm” season 3?

“ANT Farm” Halloween Episode “Mutant Farm 2″ Promo Video

September 29, 2012 • By

The Disney Channel has released a promo video for the upcoming “ANT Farm” Halloween episode titled “Mutant Farm 2.” Here’s a description of the episode from the Disney Channel:

Chyna Parks returns to the mutA.N.T. Program, where monsters like Chyna go to school with normal high school students. When Chyna soon develops a forbidden crush on a cute human boy named Brady, she pretends to be human in order to spend quality time with him. Things unravel when Lexi, who also has a crush on Brady, exposes Chyna’s mutant origin. Meanwhile, Olive clones herself to be in two places at once, but when her Igor-like assistant Violet accidentally lets the clone loose, it wreaks havoc on the school, in a new episode premiering 8:00-8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

The new episode will air on October 5, 2012 at 8/7. Let us know if you’ll be watching!

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