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Ashley Tisdale Shares Her Emoji Fears

February 25, 2015 • By Home

Ashley Tisdale Fear Of Emojis

Ashley Tisdale has revealed that while she loves Twitter and Instagram she can’t quite figure out emojis!

The former “High School Musical” star Tweeted:

I’m still not super comfortable with emojis… I’m like which one? Is this lame? Is this weird? What does THIS one mean?

Do YOU have a favorite emoji? Let us know by Tweeting us @Disney_Dreaming!

Breaking Free: What The High School Musical Cast Looks Like 9 Years Later

February 7, 2015 • By Home

High School Musical Then And Now

Can you believe it has been 9 years since the cast of “High School Musical” debuted their Disney Channel Original Movie? Below you can seen pictures of your favorite HSM stars in the DCOM, and pictures of what they look like now!

Be sure to let us know which then and now pairing shocks you the most – some are super surprising!

Plus, let us know which “High School Musical” character is your ultimate favorite!

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