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Ross Lynch And Laura Marano Open Up About Their Rumored Relationship

May 5, 2015 • By Home

Ross Lynch Laura Marano

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano were rumored to be an item for a while, but then they told the press they wouldn’t date while they were co-stars on “Austin & Ally.” Now that the show is done filming, fans are asking them again if they are in fact a couple!

During an “Austin & Ally” event at the Paley Center the pair opened up about their relationship. Ross revealed that he doesn’t blame fans for wanting them to be a couple, while Laura loves how invested fans are in the show and how committed they are to their relationship.

Do you still hope Ross and Laura wind up dating? Take the poll below to let us know!

Raini Rodriguez Documents The Last “Austin & Ally” Scenes

April 24, 2015 • By Home

Raini Rodriguez Austin And Ally Final Day

Raini Rodriguez was getting super emotional on the set of “Austin & Ally” yesterday, and in turn WE were getting pretty emotional too! We have to admit, we’re still pretty torn up about the show wrapping filming, and we have our fingers crossed VERY TIGHT hoping for an “Austin & Ally” Disney Channel Original Movie.

Here was the Tweet from Raini that made us grab our kleenex and blame our allergies on the tears streaming down our face:

Just finished the last scene we 4 will be in together. #AustinAndAlly

Raini also Tweeted some crying emojis that totally felt our pain.

Are YOU upset about “Austin & Ally”?

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