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“Austin & Ally” Cast And Crew Celebrate At Season 4 Premiere Party!

January 21, 2015 • By

Cast of Austin & Ally At Party
Stars of the Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally,” Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy were all on hand to celebrate the show’s season 4 premiere.

Here’s what Raini posted along with the photos.

Welp, another premiere done, with these 3 by my side. How is it that 4 years have gone by already? Words can’t begin to describe how amazing this show has been to me. The cast and crew has become my family and I love them all very much. Thank you for watching and supporting our show since the beginning. We all worked really hard for this season and we hope you enjoy it!

The whole cast and crew watched the premiere episode during the party. Laura Marano posted this message about the party.

This #AustinAndAllySeason4 party is POPPING! #AustinAndAlly #PARTY #ILoveThesePeople

Austin & Ally Cast Party

Looks like they all had a fun and yummy time! We can’t believe that they are in season 4 already, we look forward to every episode!

Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” Cast Reveals Their Favorite Songs From The Show

January 16, 2015 • By

Austin And Ally Songs

Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” cast members teamed up to shoot the video below about the songs from the popular series. Cast members Ross Lynch, Calum Worthy, Laura Marano and Raini Rodriguez each have a different favorite song from the show.

Austin And Ally Has A New Theme Song!

The “Austin & Ally” cast is also gearing up for the premiere of A&A season 4 on January 18, 2015 at 8pm!

Do YOU have a favorite “Austin & Ally” song? Let us know what it is by Tweeting us @Disney_Dreaming!

“Austin & Ally” Have New Theme Song!

January 15, 2015 • By

Austin And Ally Have New Theme Song
Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” show has a brand new theme song featuring the stars, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez.

The show is about the relationship between two very different musicians: the extroverted singer Austin (Ross), who is fun-loving and outgoing; and the introverted and awkward songwriter Ally (Laura), who is a singer with stage fright.

After Austin becomes famous from one of Ally’s songs they become partners. Ally’s friend Trish (Raini) becomes his manager and his friend Dez (Calum) directs his music videos. The four friends have many adventures together.

Ally’s career begins to take off after she has conquered her stage fright and she is given a record deal. Austin chooses to be with Ally on her first tour after they confess their love for each other.

In the end of season three, Austin goes off with Ally on tour, Dez goes off to film school in Los Angeles, California and Trish starts her own record company.

We can’t wait to see what happens in season 4! The show returns for Season 4 on this Sunday, January 18th @ 8PM with all new episodes!

Watch the clip below to see the new theme song for “Austin & Ally!”

Laura Marano Is On The Cover Of Girls’ Life Magazine

January 13, 2015 • By

Laura Marano On The Cover Of Girls' Life Magazine
Laura Marano looks great on the latest cover of Girls’ Life magazine! The 19-year-old star of the Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” talks about her relationship with co-star Ross Lynch on and off the set.

When asked about Austin and Ally as a couple, here’s what she had to say:

They make a good couple, but it’s definitely complicated. But I think the best relationships come out of friendships—and they’re definitely very, very close friends.

She goes on to talk about what she thinks about her fans wanted her and Ross to be a real life couple.

I don’t get annoyed by it—I think it’s interesting that it happens. I do the same thing with people I admire; imagine what their lives are like. But I just try to keep everything in perspective and focus on the fact that I have really supportive fans. I’m lucky to have them.

Recently we held a poll to see just what you think about Laura and Ross dating for real. The results are in and 87% said YES! Do you still feel the same way. Take our newest poll and let us know if you agree.

2015 Disney Channel Austin & Ally Weekend Marathon

January 8, 2015 • By

OMG! Stop all your plans for this weekend. The Disney Channel will air all the episodes of the hit series “Austin & Ally.”

Starting on Saturday, January 9th @ 9AM ET/PT the shows, starring Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy will begin.

Laura Marano and Leigh-Allyn Baker will host the weekend marathon. Throughout the weekend Laura and Leigh-Allyn will show exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from their Disney Channel Original Movie “Bad Hair Day” which airs on February 13, 2015.

Watch the trailer below to see just what the Disney Channel has in store for you this weekend.

Disney Channel “Austin & Ally” Season 4 Premiere Promo

January 3, 2015 • By

Austin And Ally Season 4

A brand new season of “Austin & Ally” is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on January 18, 2015. The first episode, titled “Buzzcuts & Beginnings,” will air at 8pm ET/PT. Do you plan on tuning in?

Here’s a description of the episode:

The gang shares an emotional reunion in Miami at Ally’s triumphant homecoming gig. When Austin learns that the foursome’s time together is only temporary, he contemplates enrolling in military school.

Watch a promo for the episode below!

The Cast of “Austin & Ally” Chase The Gingerbread Man

December 18, 2014 • By

Austin & Ally Cast
The cast of the Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” seem to hang out together a lot and they sure look like they have fun!

Recently they posted this picture of the cast, Ross Lynch, Raini Rodrigquez, Calum Worthy and Laura Marano chasing after the Gingerbread Man!

Here’s what Raini posted along with the photo below:

We tried. We couldn’t catch him. #adventures

Cast of Austin & Ally Try To Catch the Gingerbread Man

They should have know that they couldn’t catch him, he’s the Gingerbread Man! Do you love the fun photos that these friends post?

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