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Raini Rodriguez And Laura Marano Went On A Double Date, But With Who?!

December 14, 2014 • By

Raini Rodriguez Laura Marano Double Date

Disney Channel stars Raini Rodriguez and Laura Marano, from the hit show “Austin & Ally,” are not only BFFs on screen, but also in real life! The adorable besties went on a lunch date this month, and it turns out they were joined by two of their fellow co-stars!

Raini shared the Instagram snap below from lunch with Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy!

Aww, looks like everyone had fun!

We totally ship Ross Lynch and Laura Marano as a couple! Do you want to see the pair date in real life? Take the poll to let us know!

“Austin & Ally” Premiere Date Announced For Season Four!

December 10, 2014 • By

Austin and Ally Premiere Date Announced
It’s official the hit Disney Channel show “Austin & Ally” will be returning for the fourth season in January!

The show is set to premiere on Sunday, January 18th at 8pm ET. The network tweeted the photo above, our first look at the premiere, as well as the tweet below:

#BuzzcutsAndBeginnings airs January 18th at 8/7c! #AustinAndAlly #Season4

Laura Marano, Ross Lynch, Raini Rodrigues and Calum Worthy will all be returning for the fourth season!

We are super excited about the new season of “Austin & Ally!” How about you, are you planning on watching the premiere on January 18th?

“Austin & Ally” Stars Host Live Chat!

December 4, 2014 • By

Austin and Ally cast do live chat
On December 2, 2014 the cast of the Disney Channel show “Austin & Ally” hosted a live video chat!

Throughout the chat the stars Laura Marano, Ross Lynch, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez answered questions from their fans.

Laura jumps up spontaneously every few minutes to dance to Taylor Swift’s new album. One fan asked them to describe each other using just one word, their answers are really funny.

Another fan asked if they could be a Disney character who would it be. Laura said she would be either Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” or Meg from “Hercules.” Raini answered either Meg or Pocahontas. Then they decided that Calum would make a great Eric from “The Little Mermaid.”

Watch the full chat below and see the funny stars of Austin & Ally!

Laura Marano Has A Very Special Holiday Surprise!

December 3, 2014 • By

Laura Marano sings Last Christmas
Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” star Laura Marano has a very special holiday surprise for her fans! Laura teamed with Disney Playlist for a really fun Christmas performance!

Watch below as Laura performs a cover of the classic holiday song “Last Christmas,” and let us know what you think of her incredible vocals!

Plus, can you believe that this week marked the 3 year anniversary of the first episode of “Austin & Ally”? The cast celebrated with a live chat – did you tune in?

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Talk About “Austin & Ally” Season 3 Finale!

November 26, 2014 • By

Laura Marano and Ross Lynch

On Sunday, November 23th, the Disney Channel aired the season finale of “Austin & Ally.”

On the show Austin (Ross Lynch) had been told by his record label that he needed to hide his relationship with Ally (Laura Marano) from the public. We didn’t know which way the story was going to go, but in the end the two will stay together!

In front of everyone Austin told Ally that he loved her and that he would go on tour with her!

The Disney Channel has signed the show up for another season and we can’t wait to see what happens to the couple next year! Did you see the episode? What did you think?

Watch the video below of Laura and Ross talking about the season finale of “Austin & Ally”

“Austin & Ally” Season Finale Airs Tonight, Sunday November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014 • By

Austin And Ally Season 4

The season finale of Disney’s “Austin & Ally” airs tonight, Sunday, November 23rd on the Disney Channel at 8/7c. In a recent interview with HollywoodLife, Laura Marano (Ally) spoke about the big episode.

When asked about how Ally feels about having to hide her relationship with Austin because of the music label’s demands, Laura revealed this,

Oh, she’s not happy at all. I think that’s kind of the problem. She wants to be really open about the relationship, and so does Austin, but they’re forced to keep it under wraps so it’s pretty dramatic.

Laura was also asked how Austin (Ross Lynch) felt about keeping the relationship a secret and here’s what she had to say,

Unfortunately, he’s put in this position, choosing between her and his career. She kind of gets it, she’s very supportive. In the last finale, she chose to stay in Miami to work on her music and so she gets it. They’re in a different place now even though she took much longer so it’s going to be a pretty dramatic finale.

It sounds like there will be a lot of drama. We still don’t know what will happen to Dez, will he stay or follow his girlfriend who is moving to Los Angeles, California?

We will just have to wait until the next season to find out all the answers, but at least there will be a next season since “Austin & Ally” was picked up for Season 4!

Are you as excited as we are to see the season finale tonight? Will you be watching too?

Ross Lynch Played “Smile” for “Austin & Ally” Cast Mates!

November 20, 2014 • By

Ross Lynch Plays Smile

Ross Lynch recently released this video of himself in a car playing the latest R5 song “Smile” for his fellow cast mates from Disney’s “Austin & Ally.” Ross is a member of the American pop rock band R5 along with Ricker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch and Ellington Lee Ratliff.

Ross is also a member of the cast of “Austin & Ally” along with Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy. The cast continually smiled and rocked out while the song played.

Afterwards from the backseat of the car, Raini said:

That song is so good, holy smoke, I really like this song.

Watch the video below. Let us know if you love it as much as we do!

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