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“Austin & Ally” Stars Host Live Chat!

December 4, 2014 • By

Austin and Ally cast do live chat
On December 2, 2014 the cast of the Disney Channel show “Austin & Ally” hosted a live video chat!

Throughout the chat the stars Laura Marano, Ross Lynch, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez answered questions from their fans.

Laura jumps up spontaneously every few minutes to dance to Taylor Swift’s new album. One fan asked them to describe each other using just one word, their answers are really funny.

Another fan asked if they could be a Disney character who would it be. Laura said she would be either Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” or Meg from “Hercules.” Raini answered either Meg or Pocahontas. Then they decided that Calum would make a great Eric from “The Little Mermaid.”

Watch the full chat below and see the funny stars of Austin & Ally!

Laura Marano Has A Very Special Holiday Surprise!

December 3, 2014 • By

Laura Marano sings Last Christmas
Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” star Laura Marano has a very special holiday surprise for her fans! Laura teamed with Disney Playlist for a really fun Christmas performance!

Watch below as Laura performs a cover of the classic holiday song “Last Christmas,” and let us know what you think of her incredible vocals!

Plus, can you believe that this week marked the 3 year anniversary of the first episode of “Austin & Ally”? The cast celebrated with a live chat – did you tune in?

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