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Becky G Gets Her Nose Pierced For Her 18th Birthday

February 22, 2015 • By

Becky G Nose Pierced

Becky G decided to treat herself just before her big 18th birthday – she got her nose pierced! Becky turns 18-years-old on March 2, 2015, but she just couldn’t wait until then to get the dramatic piercing!

Becky shared the video below from the piercing parlor. Would YOU ever get your nose pierced? AND, do you think Becky’s BFF (and rumored BF) Austin Mahone convinced her to get the piercing? He just got his nose pierced as well!

Happy early 18th to me ❤️

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Austin Mahone Is Changing-Up His Range Rover Again

February 19, 2015 • By

Austin Mahone Range Rover

Austin Mahone loves to change up his Range Rover. Right after purchasing the red Range he put a funky red wrap on it. Then, recently he changed it to a white wrap.

Now, Austin is changing-up his Range Rover again! He revealed:

@iamwillcastro can’t wait to get my Range back in a few weeks! #UniqueWhips2 #StayTuned #UniqueSouth

Austin Mahone Range Rover Design

What do you think Austin is doing to his car this time? Let us know your guesses!