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Cody Simpson’s Europe Concert Tour Dates April 2015

February 27, 2015 • By

Cody Simpson Concert Dates Europe

Cody Simpson’s manager and friend Matt Graham has big news about Cody – he is going on tour in Europe in 2015! Check out Matt’s announcement below:

Europe, we will be announcing 18 @CodySimpson shows next week. Hint… they start end of April.

That’s so exciting! Do YOU plan on seeing Cody in concert this year?

P.S. Have you seen Cody’s words of wisdom for his fans?

Cody Simpson Encourages Fans To Be Themselves

February 25, 2015 • By

Cody Simpson Words Of Wisdom

Cody Simpson wants his fans to be themselves! He took to Twitter with the following words of wisdom:

Free yourself.. The box the system envelops us in does not exist. Anything is possible, connect with your own universe! Don’t let them tell you what’s real.. Be happy..

It sure seems like Cody and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid live by these words – no wonder they are both so happy!

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