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Cody Simpson And Gigi Hadid Break Up For The Second Time

May 10, 2015 • By Home

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Break Up

Oh no! Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid have split again!

A rep for the couple told E! News:

Cody and Gigi want each other to be in a place right now that allows him to only focus on his music, fans, and new message, while she can focus and continue building her career. They love each other dearly and have split up in hopes that growing on their own paths will bring them together in the future. They remain friends with no hard feelings and each other’s biggest supporters.

Are you bummed that the pair decided to break up again? Take the poll below to let us know if you think Cody and Gigi will get back together again in the future!

Cody Simpson Is Literally A Male Miley Cyrus! Read His Quote!

May 9, 2015 • By Home

Miley Cyrus Cody Simpson Quotes

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus are besties, and it’s no surprise! The pair have super similar views when it comes to living life the way you want and being happy.

Check out Cody’s latest quote:

You can be whatever you want to be and be happy. You can be a beach bum, a cowboy and punk rock all at the same. Whatever makes u happy and feelin good and feelin free.

We love that Cody is so concerned with his fans’ happiness! He sounds just like Miley doesn’t he???

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