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Cody Simpson Heading To Canada – Is He Traveling With Justin Bieber?

July 22, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Canada

Cody Simpson just alerted fans that he is on his way to Canada. Our guess is that Cody is traveling with Justin Bieber since he and Justin just announced their “secret” project, which hasn’t been so secret for a while now.

Justin Bieber Canada

The pair are recording a bunch of new songs together, and it even sounds like they might be releasing a CD together!

Cody just told his fans about his trip:

Studio to airport! heading to Canada

Watch Cody’s live chat from earlier this week to learn more about his upcoming project with Justin, and share your thoughts on what the guys are up to in the comments section!

Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson’s Secret Project Includes A Lot Of Songs

July 22, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Cody Simpson Project

Great news! Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson aren’t just working on one song, they are working on a bunch of new tunes!

During Cody’s live chat this week he revealed that he and a special guest, Justin, are working on a giant collaboration project. The project is a “secret,” but the pair have been in the studio a bunch recently, AND they have shared photos from their recording sessions!

It sounds like Justin and Cody might be releasing a CD together. Listen to the chat below, and let us know what YOU think the pair is up to!