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Cody Simpson In The Recording Studio With Justin Bieber’s Guitarist

July 21, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber

Cody Simpson has been working hard with Justin Bieber recently! The pair have been visiting the recording studio together, and last night Cody spent the whole night in the studio with Justin’s guitarist Dan Kanter.

It looks to us like Cody and Justin are working on a track that should be arriving very soon! No word yet why Justin wasn’t in the studio with Cody last night…

Cody Simpson Dan Kanter

Cody just shared about his time in the studio with Justin over the weekend:

g’day! bit of a sleep in today, was in the studio until 6am last night. grabbing a quick bite and heading back, big things on the way!

we can’t wait to hear what they have been working on!

Scooter Braun Spills The News That Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Are Recording Music Again

July 20, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber Studio

We had a feeling! Scooter Braun has spilled the big news that Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson are working on music yet again! The pair were in the studio together last night!

Cody sent out the following note to his fans:

g’day! bit of a sleep in today, was in the studio until 6am last night. grabbing a quick bite and heading back, big things on the way!

And here’s how Cody’s manager Scooter responded:

@CodySimpson @justinbieber :)

We can’t wait to hear what Cody and Justin are working on!

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber Song

Cody Simpson Is Working On A Special Project, What Do You Think He Is Up To?

July 18, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Special Project

Cody Simpson just alerted his fans that he is up to something special! Cody just returned home from Portugal after touring with his music, and he is getting right back into the recording studio to work on something new!

Cody revealed:

Just landed back in the states from Portugal and going to straight to work on a special project with a mate of mine. guitar in hand.

What do YOU think Cody is up to? Do you think he is wrapping up his single with Justin Bieber, or do you think he is working with someone else?

Share your guesses about Cody’s special project in the comments section!

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber

Gigi Hadid Supports Cody Simpson At His Final European Concert

July 15, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson European Tour

Cody Simpson just wrapped his Acoustic Sessions Tour in Portugal last night! He was joined at the final show by his on-again girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid.

Cody shared about the final show:

ACOUSTIC SESSIONS TOUR COMPLETE. Crackin last show in Portugal! so much fun to play acoustically. improved greatly as a musician this month.

He also added after the show:

Going to miss these acoustic jams so much. no better feeling! Thank you Europe. I promise I’ll be back soon.

Here’s the adorable photo Gigi shared from the show:

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Tour

Were you lucky enough to see Cody perform on his tour? Plus, read Gigi’s inspirational words about Cody!

Gigi Hadid’s Inspirational Words For Boyfriend Cody Simpson

July 13, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Tweets

Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson are closer than ever, and Gigi truly believes in Cody’s music and career! Cody took to Twitter to let fans know how the work was going on his upcoming album, sharing:

Realizing talent and grasping opportunity to be able to change the course of my family’s future is a beautiful feeling. Life is so incredible. So much that I envision for such a long future of music, love and happiness. I swear that anything is possible. My guitar and I will have patience and perseverance. It’s a marathon, not a sprint…

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Twitter

And here’s how Cody’s model girlfriend replied:

I’ve never loved or believed in someone so much in my whole life. No matter where our paths take us or what happens I’ll be front row at his first stadium show no doubt. The world doesn’t know, cs. play on.

That’s the sweetest! Lets hope the pair is together forever!

Plus, have you seen Cody’s super sweet gesture for Gigi? See the photo here!

Cody Simpson’s Adorable Gesture For Girlfriend Gigi Hadid

July 12, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Romantic Gesture

Aww! Cody Simpson and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid are back on and going strong! The pair have been together for one year, and they spend as much time together as they can – even though they both have very busy schedules!

Cody and Gigi got to hang out together recently, and Cody made a really romantic gesture! He explained to his fans:

Bought her roses on the street at 1 in the morning without her knowing, she’s happy.

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Roses

Okay, that is just the cutest!

P.S. Tell us what you think of Gigi’s NYC style!

Fan Cover Of Cody Simpson’s “Surfboard”

July 10, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Surfboard Song Cover

One of Cody Simpson’s fans just sent us a cover of Cody’s song “Surfboard.” This is such a fun song, and Cody’s fan did a wonderful job showing off her rendition AND her guitar skills!

Check out what Cody’s fan posted along with the cover video below:

This is my cover of Surfboard by Cody Simpson. I love this song, and I hope you like my cover! I know it’s been a while I’m really sorry, but I am caught up with this really bad cold! Excuse the grogginess in my voice!

Be sure to share any covers YOU have recorded with us as well! Email us at or link us to your covers on Twitter @Disney_Dreaming!

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