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Stefanie Scott Guest Stars On Disney Channel’s “Jessie” February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014 • By

Stefanie Scott Jessie

“ANT Farm” actress Stefanie Scott is guest starring on the Disney Channel’s “Jessie” tonight, February 21, 2014! The episode is titled “Hoedown Showdown,” which makes us think of Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana song “Hoedown Throwdown.”

The new “Jessie” episode will air at 8pm ET/PT. Here’s a description of the episode:

When a new girl moves into the building, Jessie asks Emma to invite her to her party as a welcoming gesture.

Check out a promo for “Hoedown Showdown” below!

Debby Ryan Opens Up About Her Band The Never Ending

February 16, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan One Album The Never Ending

Debby Ryan has opened up about her band, The Never Ending! The band consists of the following members:

Kyle Moore – guitar
Carman Kubanda – guitar
Edwin Carranza – bass
Johnny Franco – drums
Harry Allen – keyboard

Debby told Billboard about her band:

My band members are my best friends and the most real dudes I have ever met. To know that I can tell them any side of any story without them judging… is such a great feeling. Instead they help me communicate the stories properly. They have truly become my brothers.

Debby and The Never Ending are releasing an album titled “One” on June 24, 2014.

Details About Debby Ryan’s “One” Album

February 15, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan One CD

Debby Ryan is releasing her debut album “One” on June 24, 2014. Debby told Billboard about the CD:

This album doesn’t exist because I wanted to make an album. It probably exists in spite of myself. I’ve been telling other people’s stories as an actor, and there’s a comfort for me in that. But I started getting this insatiable need to tell stories from inside my own head, speak from my own heart.

“One” includes 9 songs. She revealed:

It’s happy, it’s fun, it’s lovestruck, and stubborn; it’s broken, bruised, and healing. It’s my tongue-in-cheek, chip-on-my-shoulder, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other glass house. It’s being teenage, becoming twenty one, surviving life with the best dudes I know, and out of our things that are never ending, this is number one.

Debby also had this to say about the album:

I looked at this album from an independent artist angle and I fought hard to remain independent. Seeing the success of other amazing artists such as Macklemore who did it this way makes this album feel more inspiring. This is the most vulnerable and real personal thing I have ever done. I will take the hate with the love as I release this as an independent artist.

We can’t wait to hear Debby’s album!

Debby Ryan Announces “One” Album Title And Release Date

February 14, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan One Album

Debby Ryan has a new album on the way, and it turns out the CD is titled “One.” Debby sent her fans on a scavenger hunt, telling them that the name of her album was mentioned in her cover of “Santa Baby.” Watch the video below!

Here’s what Debby just told her fans:

Remember that scavenger hunt? ‘Santa baby, forgot to mention ___ little thing…’
So sneaky. So not fair. I know. (: #One624

So, Debby’s new CD with her band The Never Ending is titled “One,” and it looks like it’s arriving on 6/24 – June 24, 2014. Awesome!

Debby Ryan Announces Guest Starring Role!

February 13, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan Guest Star

Disney actress and singer Debby Ryan has been hard at work on the set of her Disney Channel Original Series “Jessie,” and she has been working on her debut album, but that’s not all Debby has been up to! It turns out Debby is also set to be a guest star on a popular series.

Debby told her fans:

Been on set all day with rehearsal, stunt training, fittings, and hair + makeup tests for a rad new character… Guest star gigs are fun. (;

Stunt training…which show do YOU think Debby is going to be a part of? Share your guesses with us on Twitter @Disney_Dreaming!

P.S. See a photo of Debby at New York Fashion Week!

Debby Ryan Shares Her Morning Routine At Fashion Week

February 11, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan New York Fashion Week

Debby Ryan’s schedule is so busy that she just got to fly to New York City to spend a day at New York Fashion Week. Debby joins a laundry list of celebrities who are also in the city for the stylish event.

The “Jessie” star shared the photo below to show off her typical morning routine before an event. She posted along with the picture:

Coffee + curling irons. #MorningRoutine #DRFD #NYFW

Fingers crossed Debby also shares a photo of her NYFW style!

Debby Ryan NYFW

Debby Ryan Stands Out At The “Vampire Academy” Movie Premiere

February 8, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan Red Carpet

Disney singer and actress Debby Ryan was one of the stars in attendance at the “Vampire Academy” movie premiere. Fans are loving the film so far – have YOU seen it yet?

Debby definitely stood out on the red carpet for the movie. She sported a cute style, including some seriously awesome yellow heels!

Are YOU loving Debby’s look? Take the poll below to let us know!

Debby Ryan Vampire Academy Movie Premiere

Debby Ryan Vampire Academy

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