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Debby Ryan And The Never Ending Hint At Their Upcoming Single Name

April 7, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan The Never Ending

Debby Ryan and her band The Never Ending are releasing a debut album titled “One” on June 24, 2014. The group is busy trying to decide which song to release as a single! They told fans:

Deciding on first single. Ironically my two picks both have 8 letters… _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ …any guesses?

Be sure to share your guesses with us on Twitter @Disney_Dreaming!

Plus see Debby’s Kids Choice Awards style here.

Debby Ryan First Single

Debby Ryan’s Chic Style At The Kids Choice Awards

March 30, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan At The 2014 KCAs

Jessie” star Debby Ryan walked the orange carpet at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Debby sported a black crop top paired with a green pencil skirt. Do you love the look?

Debby also wore her hair in an adorable style and wore bright lipstick. Cute!

Debby Ryan 2014 Kids Choice Awards

Debby recently revealed that she is searching for a break from Los Angeles, California. We wonder where she is planning on heading on her next vacation! Any guesses?

Debby Ryan Longing For A Break From Los Angeles

March 26, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan Break From LA

Debby Ryan just revealed that she is longing for a break from Los Angeles, California. Debby Tweeted to her fans:

I just really need to get out of Los Angeles for a second.

Debby Ryan Twitter

We know that Debby has been really hard at work on her Disney Channel series “Jessie” as well as her upcoming debut album “One,” which is arriving in June.

Fingers crossed that everything is alright!

Victoria Justice’s Boyfriend Pierson Fode Guest Starring On Disney Channel’s “Jessie”

March 21, 2014 • By

Pierson Fode Disney Channel Jessie

Well now it all makes sense! Victoria Justice and her boyfriend Pierson Fode have been spending a ton of time with Disney star Debby Ryan lately. The trio are totally BFFs, and now we know why!

Turns out Pierson is making a guest appearance on Debby’s Disney Channel Original Series “Jessie.” Here’s a note from Pierson himself:

Can you keep a secret? Anyone a fan of Disney’s Jessie? Keep your eyes peeled in some future…

We’re sure there was more to that note, but it has since been deleted along with the image that Pierson had posted. Looks like Pierson wasn’t allowed to spill the beans on his guest starring spot just yet! We’ll keep you posted!

Pierson Fode On Jessie

Debby Ryan And Victoria Justice Are BFFs

March 21, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan Victoria Justice Friends

Debby Ryan and Victoria Justice are BFFs! The pair have been spending a lot of time together, and we have our fingers crossed that they record music together in the future.

Victoria was just at Debby’s home along with her boyfriend Pierson Fode, and she shared the photo below along with posting:

Just chillin’ in @whoisdebbyanyway’s teepee w/ @piersonfode

Debby Ryan Victoria Justice Pierson Fode

Do you want to hear a duet from Debby and Victoria? Take the poll below to let us know!

Debby Ryan’s Circus-Themed Music Video For “One” Album

March 18, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan One Circus Music Video

Debby Ryan is releasing her debut album, titled “One,” on June 24, 2014. Debby and her band The Never Ending just shot a circus-themed music video for one of the tracks on the “One” album!

Below is a photo of Debby at the music video shoot. Are you loving her circus style? Take our poll to let us know!

Debby Ryan Circus Music Video

Plus, have you seen the video of Debby at the recent Abercrombie & Fitch party in Hollywood?

Gregg Sulkin Reveals That He Is Searching For A Girlfriend

March 16, 2014 • By

Gregg Sulkin Wife Hunting

Gregg Sulkin was one of the stars in attendance at the recent Abercrombie Party in Hollywood, California. The “Faking It” star chatted with Young Hollywood about his plans for the evening – finding a girlfriend!

Gregg also Tweeted to his fans that he was “wife hunting.” Fingers crossed he found someone special at the party!

Also in the video you can hear from Debby Ryan about her upcoming “One” album, and her thoughts on Taylor Swift’s style!

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