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Zac Efron And Girlfriend Sami Miro Share Their Clothes!

March 31, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Sami Miro Share Clothes

In a new interview with Elle, Zac Efron’s girlfriend Sami Miro opened up about going shopping with the “High School Musical” actor! She revealed:

Growing up I didn’t really have the feminine touch. I didn’t like have my mom’s cool jackets to wear or, you know, cool hand-me-downs. So I just had my dad’s. I’ve always worn a lot of men’s clothing. So I think with Zac — we shop together all the time, and I just naturally like to pick out clothes — our styles have mixed together. I definitely do borrow some cool shirts and jackets of his, too so it works out really well. We kind of coordinate in a way. I think when you…hang out…you start to appreciate what the other person has to offer and clothing, because we’re both really into it, comes out in that way also.

Aww, do you think it’s ridiculously adorable that this couple shares clothes? Take our poll!

Louis Walsh Believes Perrie Edwards Broke Up One Direction

March 31, 2015 • By

Perrie Edwards Breaks Up One Direction

Uh oh! X Factor UK judge Louis Walsh believes Zayn Malik’s fiancee Perrie Edwards is the reason Zayn decided to leave One Direction – dropping the guys from 5 members to just 4!

Louis told RTE Radio One:

What I found in the past is as things get on, and as they get girlfriends, the girlfriends are whispering things in their ears and saying like, ‘You should be a solo star,’ ‘You should be the lead singer.’ That’s usually the problem.

Zayn HAS been hitting the studio solo since leaving 1D, but do you think Perrie had anything to do with that?

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