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David Archuleta Album And Studio Update

January 31, 2015 • By

David Archuleta Studio Session

David Archuleta is still very hard at work on his next album! He revealed to fans that he just had a studio session he is very happy with:

“Collaborating once again with Stephanie Mabey. I first met Stephanie after recording a song she wrote called Glorious. We’ve been writing quite a bit since. Getting back together this week to see what more will come as we put our heads together. I deleted my Twitter and Instagram from my phone for a week because I noticed I was spending way too much time looking at what everyone was doing and literally refreshing and waiting for the screen to change. I realized how much it was distracting me, sucking up my time and I needed to get back in tune with things. The difference has been Amazing for me, and I may write a blog for next week to go into more detail about it.”

Previously David asked his fans to be patient while waiting for his next CD as he is trying to make it something he is more than happy with.

Waiting stinks, but we are excited to hear David’s new music when it finally arrives!

Taylor Swift Trademarks Her Popular “1989” Lyrics

January 30, 2015 • By

Taylor Swift Trademarks Lyrics

Taylor Swift knows she is a lyrical genius so it’s no surprise that she knew her “1989” CD was going to be a big hit before it landed on store shelves and on iTunes for download.

Taylor was so confident in her tunes that she trademarked some of the “1989” lyrics! Here are the ones Taylor owns the rights to:

“This Sick Beat”
“Cause We Never Go Out of Style”
“Party Like It’s 1989”
“Could Show You Incredible Things”
“Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?”

Are you surprised by Taylor’s decision to trademark her lyrics? She’s such a business woman we aren’t shocked at all!