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Ross Lynch And Bella Thorne Support Each Other

February 22, 2015 • By

Ross Lynch Bella Thorne

Aww! Ross Lynch and his group R5 are super supportive of former Disney star Bella Thorne! Ross and Bella previously worked together on a bunch of Danimals commercials, so it’s no surprise they are friends.

Ross shared the following note with fans about Bella’s new movie “The Duff,”

#TheDUFF is opening with @bellathorne in it. So is @rockyR5. Go check it!!

And Bella responded by Tweeting:

@rossR5 @rockyR5 u guys are legit killing the music game…always knew u would #5Stars

Aww, that’s super sweet! Rocky Lynch thinks so too! He Tweeted back to Bella:

@bellathorne thanks!!! Excited to see the movie.

Let us know if YOU see “The Duff” in theaters this weekend!

Ariana Grande Isn’t Hiding Her Relationship With Big Sean Anymore

February 21, 2015 • By

Ariana Grande Big Sean

Ariana Grande and Big Sean started off as friends, and then it became clear to fans that there was something more there! They started spending all their time together, and seemed pretty affectionate when they took to the stage to perform together.

However, it took Ariana a long time to warm up to the fact that her fans knew she was in a relationship with Big Sean. She seemed to want to keep it a big secret!

Not anymore though! Ariana is totally open about her beau, and she even shared a picture of she and her BF kissing – aww! Do you love that Ariana and Big Sean are head over heels for each other and want everyone to know?

We think they are such a sweet couple!

Ariana Grande Big Sean Kissing