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Emily Osment Talks About How Much The World Has Changed Since “Hannah Montana”

March 26, 2015 • By

Emily Osment Hannah Montana

It has been 9 years since the Disney Channel Original Series “Hannah Montana” premiered, and HM actress Emily Osment opened up to MTV about the show and how it was a different time back when she started shooting the series:

It was a completely different era back then. We didn’t have social media. We didn’t even know what was going on in the world unless we watched the news or read the newspaper, so we weren’t bombarded with the Kardashians ever day. So it was really easy to be your own person. I remember being 13 or 14 and coming to the set in my M*A*S*H shirt and not really caring what anybody thought. Now it’s so easy to judge myself against what everyone else is doing. So, now as a 23-year-old, I’d like to get back to not caring.

Can you believe how much the world has changed online in the last 9 years? Wow!

Do you miss “Hannah Montana” as much as we do?

“Girl Meets World” Disney Store Customizable Products

March 22, 2015 • By

Disney Store Girl Meets World

The Disney Store has a line of products that can be customized by online shoppers, and if you are a fan of Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” you are certainly in luck – there are “Girl Meets World” images you can use on your customizable items!

The Disney Store has been promoting the new “Girl Meets World” pictures like crazy, so it must be doing really well. Have YOU designed any cute GMW products at DisneyStore.com?

If so be sure to let us know by Tweeting us a snap of your “Girl Meets World” purchase at @Disney_Dreaming!

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