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Ross Lynch Opens Up About “Teen Beach Movie 2″

August 7, 2014 • By

Teen Beach Movie 2 Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and their co-stars just wrapped filming the Disney Channel Original Movie “Teen Beach Movie 2” in Puerto Rico. Ross has opened up about what fans can expect from the sequel movie, via Teen:

I think with any sequel, when it’s a continuation off a successful first movie, there’s always hype around it and people are going to watch it because of that. But I also think they’re going to like [this movie] because it’s a tad bit more modern, so people can relate to it more and that’s always nice. And of course you get to see all the old characters!

“Teen Beach Movie 2″ is slated to premiere on the Disney Channel next summer! We can’t wait to watch the cast of “Wet Side Story” arrive in the present day!

Disney Channel “Jessie” Season 4 Pre-Production Begins

August 5, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan Jessie Season 4

Pre-production has begun on the fourth season of the hit Disney Channel Original Series “Jessie.” The star of the show, Debby Ryan, alerted her fans about pre-production, and explained what she had missed during the hiatus:

“Pre-production for Jessie Season 4!
things I missed—
my crew. producing. sass hair.
things I did not miss—
heels. maintaining sass hair.”

Aww! We’re excited to see what happens with Debby’s character and her co-stars during the fourth season of the show! Do YOU watch “Jessie”? Take the poll below to let us know!